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Language Services Importance

Language Services sector plays a so important role in terms of social, economic and political development since it facilitates the effective communication to straighten the knowledge and technology transfer among different nations and cultures.

The language services industry is the sector of activity dedicated to facilitating multilingual communication, both oral and written. According to the European Commission’s Directorate-General of Translation, the language industry comprises the activities of translation, interpreting, subtitling and dubbing, software and website globalization / localization, language technology tools development, international conference organization, language teaching and linguistic consultancy.

Overcoming the language barrier is specially important in different sectors, even in some situations it could be so crucial in order to ensure the health and safety in some sectors.

Some of the most important sectors where language services are critical:

Business – globalization, internationalization and localization of brands, documentation, knowledge and training material.

Health sector in order to ensure the high quality ans safety of medical care.

Legal sector – Quality legal translation & interpreting are vital components of an effective justice system. Without it, the prospect of a fair trial can be jeopardized.

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