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Translation or Interpretation?

In order to boost your business at a global level, companies need to  to communicate with international audiences in their native language as similar as a local company would, it means according to the local cultural and jargon differences. This may involve interpretation of your content, translation, or both. Usually  the two processes are often cited interchangeably—but each has a distinct role to play in certain situations.

According to the formal definition of translation it means the “process of translating words or text from one language into another” Of course the translator tries  to keep the general meanings and message. Sometimes, the translation process must be adapted to achieve the localization of the contents  according to the cultural and regional variations of specific expressions. This last process is called Localization, that is the process to create content that reflects local language, knowledge, and culture of the intended audience.

Regarding Language Interpretation or interpreting, it is  the spoken facilitation or signed language of a communication between people  of different languages. The formal ISO (International Standards Organization) definition for interpreting is as follows:

Rendering a spoken or signed message into another spoken or signed language, preserving the register and meaning of the source language content. (Note: This definition is derived from ISO, 2014, p. 1.).

As you can note, translation and localization are related with written documents and content and interpreting is related with spoken or sign language communications.

In both situations, a company must obtain strategic language services to achieve the globalization of its contents and dialogues. Sometimes getting a language service provider is not an easy and quick task. There are several basic elements that must be evaluated to choose the provider, for example, knowledge of language combination, experience, reputation, prices, availability, etc., but one of the most important factors, according to the speed of change of the current market and its sense of urgency, availability requirements 24/7 and access to preferably digital services, one of the biggest limitations is how to get language services immediately, at the lowest cost, in the easiest and safest way.

Having said it, we consider LingoCall can add value to your strategic language globalization plan by means of our instantaneous interpreting service.

No contracts, no monthly payments, just request the service and pay at the end of the three way conversation over remote video conference assisted by a professional interpreter.





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