Simultaneous interpretation service in your video conferences

At LingoCall we provide the remote simultaneous interpretation service for your multilingual videoconferences, in more than 20 languages, with human interpreters, through which we have successfully provided the service to Servicio Jesuita in Costa Rica, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) – Costa Rica, Fundación Omar Dengo (Costa Rica), Roxana Hartmann (Autism Training, United States), CLAC Comercio Justo, / FOCELAC, Fair Trade of Germany, among others.

We provide the service through for small meetings (One user, two guests and one interpreter) and also through for meetings of up to 300 people.

We use the best security, reliability and confidentiality practices, using encrypted servers, password for meetings, etc.

We comply with the international code of ethics for linguistic interpretation (Read more at:

Through we provide all the advantages of the tool to make video conference meetings, webinars, forums, etc., such as screen sharing, internal chat, raising your hand, annotations, recording the event, streaming, etc.

Language coverage:

Arabic – Armenian – Bosnian – Burmese – Chinese – Korean – Croatian – French – Dutch –German – Hindi – Hungarian – Italian – Japanese – Malay – Persian – Polish – Portuguese – Punjabi – Romanian – Russian – Swahili – Thai – Turkish – Ukrainian – Vietnamese. All paired with English and some with Spanish, in addition to various combinations among them.

We have a consolidated and curated team of more than 600 interpreters covering these languages ​​and their combinations.

We are able to get interpreters for additional languages ​​not included above.

We’d love to give you a demo when you need it.

We believe that our service can add value to your organization in a meaningful way and in line with the needs of the new reality and the social isolation that quarantine imposes.

Likewise, it is important to note that the solution significantly reduces the costs and time of logistics activities involved in face-to-face multilingual meetings that your organization were doing before the pandemic (Displacement of people and interpreters, tickets, per diem, rental of equipment for simultaneous interpretation, conference rooms, achievement and quality assurance of interpreters, etc.)


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