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Remote job opportunity for interpreters

LingoCall offers remote consecutive language interpretation services through our proprietary video conference platform.

Video Remote Interpretation


We offer interpretation services of tripartite conversations of oral language and sign language, in more than 24 languages pairing with English and some of them pairing with Spanish.


Work from home, avoid the stress of the city, have your time, manage your availability to offer your professional services while generating an attractive income while helping other people to overcome their language barrier.


The languages we work most are Spanish and English paired with French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and Turkish.

Our platform provides you with a control panel where you can follow up all the interpretation services provided by you, as an associate professional interpreter of Lingocall, showing the detail of each service, the money earned for each service and the total control of payments made and pending, according to our biweekly payment balance cut.

Likewise, you as a professional associate can manage your availability to show you on line and available to provide services when you want it. Additionally, in your control panel you can define and manage the language combinations in which you want to offer your services.

We have already launched the platform as a pre-launch campaign that goes from now to the end of this year in which we are going to be focusing on obtaining a solid and curated base of interpreters and users, during this time we can’t ensure much calls for interpreters to take on because we will be building up the customer demand, although we hope they will be plenty.

The sooner you register the faster we can start filling the gaps between user’s demand and interpreter’s offer on the platform.

To register on the platform you can go directly to the interpreter’s registration link: Registration takes just a couple of minutes and it’s completely free.

To know more about us, you can go to the platform’s interpreter landing page, where you can find all the information about the platform regarding interpreters, including the terms and conditions and the service guidelines you must follow once you begin taking calls.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us any question or suggestion if something isn’t clear or you need help with the registration or the platform understanding.

Thanks again.


Eng. Bernardo Escobar

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