New consumer behavior

We are experiencing one of the greatest social, economic and productive transformations of humanity in recent centuries, to the point that a new “New Normal” is being shaped, which will undoubtedly create a new consumer profile. I share this interesting and concrete graphic summary about new consumer behavior after Covid-19, created by EY – Ernst & Young.

Naturally, this time of transition is forcing many companies and people to re-invent and adapt to this new reality and find ways to continue their businesses and add value to this new consumer.

In this sense, and taking into account that digital and remote interaction is now imposed under the circumstances, and it will surely be a trend that, we offer our professional language services (Interpretation – Translation – Localization – Transcription – Subtitling – CloseCaption) remotely.

Don’t cancel your events, go digital.

This new user profile seeks to consume the contents (read / listen / observe) in their native language, at any time and from any place through any device. Today more than ever it is important to locate your contents and spread them in such a way that they adapt to the culture of each region and the preferences of this new user.

We are able to digitally produce your events by combining video conferencing platforms, professional simultaneous interpretation in more than 20 languages, live streaming and other language services to ensure the success and continuity of your events.

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