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Multilingual Call Center Support Outsourcing

The expansion and centralization of call centers to provide support and customer service in all commercial and service sectors has become a common practice for many companies in different sectors. Contact centers allow companies to reduce costs and standardize customer service processes to serve all their customers globally.

Being centralized, companies must hire personnel with communication skills in different languages, according to the segmentation of the markets they serve. This has led to the emergence of companies that offer outsourced services to provide multilingual call center services to different companies in different sectors, offering logically greater efficiency since they achieve economies of scale by serving different companies, sharing the same infrastructure. This is commonly called the Shared Services Sector.

However, even with these economies of scale, shared services require a minimum volume of operations (number of support calls per month) to justify expanding their operations to new customers, taking into account that dedicated resources must be assigned according to the languages ​​of the potential customers who make the calls, a situation that further complicates the negotiation, since it is not easy to define the estimates of how many people or customer service agents are required for each language.

Aware of this situation and market requirement, at LingoCall we offer an on demand (pay as you go) multilingual linguistic interpretation service, to facilitate the expansion of markets of companies in different sectors.

Initially, the service is provided as a tripartite call over video conference, where the user contacts the company’s support agent, who speaks a foreign language, so the agent invites a professional interpreter to the video conference, to assist him/her in the conversation through a remote service of consecutive linguistic interpretation.

This allows the company to start providing multilingual customer support services, without having to invest and without compromising contracts.

Subsequently, and depending on the increase in the volume of calls, it is possible to switch to the two-way call service, where the interpreter is already trained to provide the customer support service directly, in the respective language.


LingoCall, our Startup can provide you with an on demand outsourcing solution of linguistic services through our multilingual communication platform. We offer a remote interpretation service through videoconferencing where you can get instant live interpretation services for English in combination with several foreign languages.

No contracts, no monthly payments, just request the service and pay at the end of the tripartite conversation through our remote video conference assisted by a professional interpreter.


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