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Multi-Language Call Center Outsourcing

Are you looking for a contact center partner that provides multilingual support call center services, bilingual agents and competitive rates for a wide range of services?

Do you need contact center support for emerging languages?

The multilingual tripartite call interpretation services we offer at LingoCall provides multilingual support to assist your customers in their native language. We will work with you to better support your business objectives and return on investment objectives with our wide range of personalized services of linguistic interpretation of three-way calls over video conference.

Without your company having to increase operating costs or infrastructure investments to have linguistic interpreters for each of the languages ​​where your company is exploring to develop markets, we can provide the service.

Initially and as the market grows, we can offer you the remote interpretation service on three-way video conferences, that is, your user connects to our platform, selects the required language combination (for instance Spanish – Mandarin) and the area of ​​expertise of the topics to be addressed (for instance business, logistics, insurance, marketing, travel, etc.) and almost instantaneously (15 seconds) our platform offers a professional live interpreter. With which you can define the scope of the meeting you want to have, and then you as a user invite your counterpart (third person) who speaks the other language (in this case Mandarin). In this way you can communicate effectively, quickly, safely, easily and at a reasonable price for your consumption (Pay as you go).
At the end of the tripartite remote conference call you can rate the quality of the service provided through a star-based system and an additional comment if you wish.

In this way you can grow and expand your business without having to hire linguistic interpreters for each target language, according to the markets of your interest and without having to develop an infrastructure to facilitate such remote meetings on video conference.

We invite you to try our service, later and as your business grows, we can define a higher level of service, assigning dedicated resources properly trained to give online support regarding your product or service at differentiated rates.

LingoCall our Language Services Startup can help your company to overcome the language barriers and get a successful multi language communication strategy.

No contracts, no monthly payments, just request the service and pay at the end of the three way conversation over remote video conference assisted by a professional interpreter.


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