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Language Services to Empower Communities

For many communities in the world the access to professional linguistic services is difficult and even non-existent.

In LingoCall we are convinced that the elimination of language barrier or the facilitation to avoid it in a practical, simple, fast, safe and at a reasonable price can be a thread to increase the competitiveness and opportunities of these communities.

For example, a person is looking to expand his/her markets, or has developed his/her own website, but he/she has received a contact from abroad requesting his/her products / services in a significant way, to the extent that it can be an important business or opportunity for this person.

Well, this person is going to be limited by the language barrier and needs to get a solution to be able to communicate with his/her potential customer.

At LingoCall we have created the perfect solution, basically we connect any person with an on line  professional live interpreter and the third person (your foreign contact) in order to facilitate the communication by means of a three way video conference interpreted call, or even by a two way video conference language interpretation when your third party is besides you.

No contracts, no monthly payments, you just request the service and pay as you go.




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