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Language Services for Investors

Language Services for Investors. Video Remote Interpreting Service.

Investors usually need to deal with people from Startups and companies in general who do not speak their language and this situation limits their opportunities to get excellent investment and business opportunities. Avoiding language barrier is a key success factor to expand investor operations at a global level. Even when the staff or somebody into the investor team understands or speak the foreign language, investing managers should contract professional interpreting services since they prefer having their team completely concentrated on negotiation issues rather than trying to understand specific “terms” in those foreign languages.

In response to this situation, at Lingocall we offer our remote multilingual interpretation service to facilitate  effective multilingual communication in a simple, fast and safe way at a reasonable price.

We could help you to overcome the cultural and language barriers by means of our remote video remote interpreting service. Our platform allows you to get an on line live interpreting service over a video conference platform for more than 24 languages pairing with English.

No contracts, no monthly payments, just request the service and pay at the end of the three way conversation over remote video conference assisted by a professional interpreter.




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