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Language Panic. No way to communicate

I do not understand anything of what they say, I can not read their documentation and I am not able to talk with them.

Imagine that you need to travel to a country where you do not understand the normal urban signage, you cannot communicate with anyone and you do not speak the local language. It is very possible that you feel “language panic” and frustration.

Or maybe your boss assign you an important business account in some Asian country and you have to handle the relationship with your strategic partner, but they do not master English. It is a frightening situation and the success of the business lies in your ability to effectively communicate with your counterpart.

Do not worry, LingoCall offers you professional remote language services to facilitate your communication.

LingoCall could help you communicate effectively with non-English spoken people through our multilingual communication platform. We offer a remote interpretation service over video conference where you can get instant live interpretation services in English  pairing with several foreign languages.

No contracts, no monthly payments, just request the service and pay at the end of the three-way conversation through our remote videoconferencing assisted by a professional interpreter.



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