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How to get instantaneous language interpretation services

For many people, whether they are traveling or doing business with foreign companies located in countries where they do not speak English, it is very important to get fast, safe, friendly and at a reasonable price the services of language interpreters to make their  face-to-face or remote meetings. The sense of urgency is high and not all companies can afford to have in their organization language  interpreters for each language of the countries with which they are negotiating. On the other hand, even if the interpreters are available and when the meeting is in person, this implies increasing the logistics costs of  language services since they require traveling with the interpreter or getting a local interpreter, often without knowing how to identify the best option to hire the local interpreter , given that it is a market that they do not know.

However, LingoCall, our Startup  could provide you an on demand language services outsourcing solution through our multilingual communication platform. We offer a remote interpretation service over video conference where you can get instant remote live interpretation services in English pairing with several foreign languages.

No contracts, no monthly payments, just request the service and pay at the end of the three-way conversation through our remote videoconferencing assisted by a professional interpreter.


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