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Boosting your brand at a global level

When a company or an organization decides to develop a plan to internationalize and promote its brands at a global level, there are many strategic aspects and components that must be included in the plan. It is not a matter of simply translating the contents and publishing them including all its documentation, offers, proposals, catalogs and digital platforms. In fact, there are so many variables, to such and extend the project itself requires a person in charge of it working together with a strategic language services provider.

In the first instance, the company must work on the entire image strategy of its brands at a global level to convey the corporate image, the brands´s essence and the added value that they can give to customers from different parts of the world, taking into account their cultural, social and linguistic differences. A certain way of transmitting a message for a specific culture and location in the world may be right for that market niche, however it may not be suitable for another target market in a different country.

Subsequently it is necessary to define a method to systematize the translation and localization of all documentation and digital platforms, taking into account that the term locate (content localization)  goes beyond translating. To locate a content is to adapt the content so that it can be clearly understood in each of the target markets taking into account the linguistic, cultural, language and customs differences. The localization system must have a component source for tracking the versions of each translation/localization, for each language and region.

Having already been systematized, it is necessary to define a system for digital platforms to meet the requirements of localization of multilingual digital content and it should be activated when the master version (the original approved content  in English or in Spanish) changes, in order to activate the language service team and generate the updated version for each  localization language.

Additionally, once we have worked on the entire process of translating, locating and publishing the contents and having all the documentation ready to go global. It is necessary to define how the oral communication will be handled at meetings, conferences, events, live demonstrations, negotiations, etc. This requires getting  a solution to be able to communicate in each language, whether the company decides to train its staff to learn how to speak each of the target market languages, or hire professional linguistic interpretation services. However, this decision is not easy, given that it can significantly increase personnel and administrative costs when hiring the interpreters by payroll.

In addition to all the components already mentioned, it is important to mention the sense of urgency and the need to reduce go to market times for each target market.

In line with market requirements, at LingoCall we have more than 15 years of experience in providing strategic linguistic services that range from basic and punctual services to translate content or perform language interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive and whispering, including equipment and interpreters) to provide a comprehensive solution to outsource language services  by assigning personnel and dedicated resources to your project.

Our experience also has led us to offer some of our services through an on demand  multi-platform solution, thus contributing to reduce your administrative, operational and capital costs, supplemented with our strategic advice to administer and execute the whole process of internationalization of your brand, in this way, LingoCall, our Startup can provide you with an outsourcing solution for linguistic services through our multilingual communication platform.

One of our specific solutions is the remote interpretation service through videoconferencing, where our users can get instantaneous live language interpreting services for English in combination with several foreign languages.

Contact us if you require any evaluation and a comprehensive proposal to manage your projects – or, register now and start using our remote linguistic interpretation service.

No contracts, no monthly payments, just request the service and pay at the end of the three-way conversation through our remote videoconferencing assisted by a professional interpreter.


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