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Communicate with people who don’t speak your language in an easy, fast and secure way.

Instant live interpreting


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Get disruptive time and money savings while reducing the risk in your multicultural and multilingual communications.

Does your company have the ability to communicate globally?

We adapt your brand message to the culture and language of your strategic target regions.

Remote human powered language services (+20 languages)

Interpretation | Translation | Localization | Transcription | Subtitling


Over 24 languages

We are helping everyone who is stuck by language barrier!

About it

What is LingoCall®?

LingoCall®, our Start-Up, is a worldwide video remote interpretation service platform at the reach of your fingertips. Basically, it allows an easy-fast access to a human professional interpreter from anywhere in the world.

Who is it for?

LingoCall® is out there to help anyone who is struggling with language barriers and has the need to communicate with people who do not speak his/her language.



People from around the world with the need to communicate via translation / interpretation services who also want an easy, fast and reliable way to obtain them at a reasonable price.


Intepreters/translators who want to reach users from all around the world while working from home and having a flexible work schedule with a competitive remuneration for their professional services.

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Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

Our solution searches the interpreter for you and provides to you the platform to make the video call.

Content Translation

Platform searches the translator for you, just upload the document and we do the rest!

Conference Interpreting

Remote video conference interpreting, we search the interpreter for you and provide the way to reach all the audience.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.

If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela

System Features


Our system is made to offer the services for everyone in this beautiful world of ours.

On Demand

Use it whenever you want and pay only for what you have used (Pay as you go).

Best Prices

Super competitive prices for users and wealthy remuneration for interpreters (Win-Win-Win)

Rating System

Rating system for users and interpreters to ensure the highest quality in the service at all time.

Reliable Platform

Reliable lighweight WebRTC video and audio streaming platform.

Secure Navigation

Navigate with confidence, everything you do in our system is being ecrypted for network traffic.

Easy Payment

Securely recurrent payment functionality to pay smoothly without unnecessary data typing every time.

Made with Love

Help us help others, our enterprise is being built with the development of charity projects in mind!

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